I love you! I'm not happy without you! I need you with me! Forever! Maybe it's our imperfections that work well together, eh?
Funny cartoon of a cow and a pig in love
- Just another way to show you how you make my life complete...you complete my heart!
- You and me will always stick together!
- Here is a little picture of me and you so in love. I am the cow cause I eat everthing you are the little piggy cause you fart a lot, hehehehe.
- To the love of my life! I know this picture is not the cutest in the world but i think a big part of it represents our relationship. Somewhere on our bodies when we hug we re-create that symbol of a heart because we are the perfect match for each other. I love you always. Your Girl!
- There is one in you and one in me...when together it makes us!