Funny Animals. Funny Animal Cartoon Pictures

funny cartoon pic of cat and mouse

A story on how funny cartoons have saved animals and helped people.

There was a zoo in some town. Do you remember funny “Madagascar” cartoon? That was exactly the same zoo.

Animals of many kinds dwelled there. They lived in large cages and spacious enclosures. Some animals were well-known to visitors. But other creatures were unusual, not all adults knew them and all the more children.

One of those strange beings was the local king of beasts, like King Julien from “Madagascar”. What kind of animal was Julien? I don’t know for sure. As for me, it was a dog. Or a cat? However, it’s hard to say.

The zoo lacked visitors. Adults were too busy, children often couldn’t understand what kind of animals lived here. Even the king was unrecognized. And he fell into anger when children asked their parents: “What kind of animal is this?”.

And there were the kind of another problem. Animals suffered from lack of food. Of course, they were fed sometimes, but too insufficiently. Visitors were not averse to feed hungry animals, and animals would not averse too. But there was an inscription on every cage: “Do not feed animals!”. Visitors were afraid to violate that prohibition because the director of zoo was very strict.

If only animals would knew the human language! They could simply say to people they are hungry. Animals tried to make signs for getting food: the elephants raised their trunks, peacocks spreads tail, monkeys pulled faces, lions roared. But all in vain! People did not understand them.

Animals were in deep ponders over how to find the way out. How would they communicate with people without knowing human language? How would they tell who is who? How would they ask for food? After all, the king ordered penguins to think out what to do. Penguins were able to find solutions for difficult tasks.

Commander Skipper assembled his troops: Private, Kowalski and Rico. The mission was set up. Kowalski made all necessary calculations. Private performed expert inquiry. Penguins thought as follows: animals have their own languages, but they differ from peoples languages. So how would animals pass their thoughts to people? Suddenly it dawned on Skipper: “Pictures! That’s right, pictures! And preferably - funny cartoons”.

They quickly found the cartoonist among animals. Kowalski took out pencils, paints and other tools. The task was started immediately, and everything was ready shortly. Every beast got the funny cartoon picture of itself. The cartoon showed how human visitor feeds that animal.

The king ordered every cartoon to be hanged on the proper cage or aviary. The order was complied with. Since then each and every animal has its own identifier and its own funny cartoon. All visitors and their children were happy.

There was a beginning of a fun life. The amount of visitors in the zoo increased greatly. Some of them were interested by animals only, while others liked funny cartoons too. It appeared that funny animal cartoons are in great demand even outside the zoo.

Funny cartoons are needed everywhere! They are needed for children and even adults. Big uncles laugh like kids when look at funny animal cartoons. From that time funny cartoons are used in many ways: illustration of books, showing on lectures, printing on postcards etc. In any situation funny cartoon pictures rise people’s mood and help them in living a wonderful life.

By the way, animals are not hungry anymore))