microstructure of bainite

Bainite in Steels

Funny point of view

Here is what bainite formation looks like. Simple? Don't make conclusions too fast.

Kinetics of bainite transformation

Discussion about the mechanism of phase transformation lasts till now.
Here is the main question about transformation mechanism: is it displacive or diffusion-controlled?

It seems there are two statements, that no one could be against:
1. The temperature of bainite formation (150-350 oC) is too low for diffusion transformation.
2. The growth speed of bainitic plates is too low for displacive transformation.

Paradoxical situation. However, here is one of attempts to reconcile the interests:
Formation of bainite as a diffusional-displacive phase transformation

This video also could help scientists to get some common point in this bainite controversy...

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Bainite blog by Mathew Peet

Books and Book Chapters

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Free volume of "Materials Science and Technology": Adventures in the physical metallurgy of steels
Lots of interesting articles inside, for example: Superbainite: laboratory concept to commercial product


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