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We live in a chaotic world where the power of smiling has been forgotten amidst the cities' traffic, job's pressures, conflictive relationships, and many other issues stressing people at the point that it has become a major health problem in modern society.

However, medical research has found that humor is helpful therapy that not only reduces our chances to be at risk for these problems, but also can eradicate them [1]. When there is no humor to cope with stressful situations, people tend to abuse alcohol and drugs, to escape from stress.

Funny cartoons are perhaps the easiest way to cope with stress and there is nothing easier to obtain, whether browsing a newspaper or magazine, or surfing the net visiting web sites providing graphic entertainment. Funny cartoons promote relaxing smiles that enhance anyone's mood with ease. Funny cartoons provide you with humor and a positive attitude in your life.

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Starting a day with a smile is the best way to rejuvenate the energy of your body. Even though taking a break to smile again is a refreshing opportunity for the spirit to keep your mood high.

Make sure to bookmark this place if you want to have fun every day all year round. "Spend 1 minute - get 1 smile", why not make this simple phrase your motto for a healthy life?